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Saemoza Sofa Bed Review

  • February 24, 2022
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Saemoza Sofa Bed Review

Sofa beds like the Saemoza promise a convenient two-in-one solution: a reclineable, comfortable chair as well as a soft single bed for visitors. Traditionally sofa beds struggle to live up to those bold descriptions; most seem to be too stiff and hard for a sofa and too hard and creaking for a bed. Read until the end to see if the Saemoza’s comfort will make you stay in late or if its so uncomfortable you’ll be up hours early.

A folding ottoman sleeper bed, like the Saemoza sofa bed, is a bed that is folded and transformed into an ottoman. The bed can be folded out from the ottoman in a similar fashion as a sleeper sofa at any time. They can, however, be folded in a variety of ways, including the trifold method. An immediate attraction to the Saemoza is the variation in available colors.

11 Colors Available of The Saemoza Sofa Bed

  • Light Chocolate
  • Dark Blue
  • Dark Brown
  • Dark Grey
  • Deep Brown
  • Deep Grey
  • Light Blue
  • Light Chocolate
  • Navy Blue
  • Light Grey
  • Charcoal

Space Saving Design

Most ottoman beds resemble regular ottomans if they are not being used. The good news is you can place a tray on it and use it as a coffee table. The upshot is the design is a great space saver.

Saemoza Sofa Bed Review
Saemoza Sofa Bed Review

It is true that the most basic designs are the most striking. The way the Saemoza sofa bed unfolds is a breeze, with the core ottoman part remaining firmly in place while the steel frame on each side unfolds into a flat single bed in seconds. There are handy storage pockets suitable for newspapers or a book or two on the side flanks of the ottoman.

A useful feature of the Semoza is the unzippable, breathable fabric which means it can be washed in a washing machine. There are hidden magnets in the corner fabric (so you can secure the dust cover to the metal frame) which worked well.

Adjustable and Durable Sofa bed

This four-in-one sofa bed is ideal for small places, such as apartments, studios, and dorm rooms, because it can be used as an ottoman, couch, lounger, and bed at the same time. The sofa is filled with high-density foam, which is soft without sucking in your torso.

I tried it as a chaise lounge in front of the TV. Feeling like a Roman emporer you can adjust the head/back rest to five angles, while the bottom section folds down into a lower leg rest.

Breathable linen fabric is heavy duty, not fragile, and a high-density sponge with stereo lines complements the bed’s overall design. Despite being very light and easily moved from spot to spot, the Saemoza sofa bed is not only long-lasting, but it can also comfortably support 440 pounds.

The Saemoza sleeper sofa bed has a simple, modern, and one-of-a-kind folding design that makes it appropriate for taller guys too. In fact I had a few inches to spare when the sofa bed became a bed and I’m six feet tall. However, don’t expect to seat two larger guys next to each other, 2 kids maybe.

Saemoza Sofa Bed Review
Saemoza Sofa Bed Review

You will feel properly supported and extra comfy, thanks to the five different adjustment settings provided in the Saemoza sofa bed.

The Dimensions of the Chair

Length: 74.02”

Width: 37.4”

Height: 16.93”

Sofa Dimensions

Length: 37.4”

Width: 27.17”

Height: 32.09”

The Ottoman Dimensions of the Saemoza

Length: 37.4”

Width: 27.17”

Height: 16.93”

Things To Like About the Saemoza Sofa bed

  • It’s a multifunctional sofa bed that can be easily converted into four different forms.
  • You can use the Saemoza sofa bed when sleeping, lounging or resting. It’s perfect for a small studio apartment, or you can place it near your living room’s window for napping or just relaxing while watching the television.
  • 5 head rest positions
  • No assembly
  • Easy to clean
  • Multi color options for every kind of color scheme


  • If the’t made it several inches wider it would sleep 2

In Conclusion

So, should you buy a Saemoza sofa bed or not? First of all, ask yourself; do you prefer furniture that is portable, easy to move, and versatile? Is it common for you to have overnight guests that come over on a regular basis, but you don’t have the capacity for a separate guest room with a permanent, large guest bed?

Saemoza Sofa Bed Review
Saemoza Sofa Bed Review

The Saemoza sofa bed can be used as a sleeper, and it can be a fantastic piece of furniture for precisely that purpose. Saemoza sofa bed has a simple design, so it will look great even if you fold it out into a chair or a bed. The good news is elderly people can handle the Saemoza as its steel light frame makes it easy to unfold and move from place to place. More good news is Amazon deliver it ready from the box. Check their price here.

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