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Comfier Neck, Back Massager With Heat, Chair Massager Review

  • November 28, 2022
  • 4 min read
Comfier Neck, Back Massager With Heat, Chair Massager Review

Offering a form of Shiatsu and deep rolling spine massage for people from five feet two to six feet two the Comfier neck, back massager with heat system, massages and kneads the body from the seat, lower spine to the nape of your neck. A likable trait of the Comfier design is that you can place it on your favorite sofa, high back chair or couch so you can delight in the benefits of a massage while watching TV, reading a book or simply while slumbering with your feet up. Read until the end to see if you should cozy up to the Comfier or if this chair is simply a pain in the neck.

Comfier Neck, Back Massager With Heat, Chair Massager Review
Comfier Neck, Back Massager With Heat, Chair Massager Review

What Are Flexible Shiatsu Massage Nodes?

Flexible Shiatsu massage nodes travel up and down the spine emulating the thumb and finger kneading action of a masseuse. With the remote control you can pin point an area of your spine for focussed attention. A handy and important feature is the 15 minute shut off so you don’t over do it. An adjustable width around the spine allows you to choose your preferred setting. The clever nodes are internal massage appendages that rise and fall rotating at the same time to massage

Comfier Neck, Back Massager With Heat, Chair Massager Review

The Comfier massage chair in its handsome gray, blue comfortable fabric, immediately has some likable features worth a mention: practicality is a watch word with the Comfier; the head encasing and back rest is removable for easy washing. Easily portable (‎ 32 x 6.9 x 17.3 inches and 16.3 Pounds), take the Comfier on vacation or to the office and slip it over your favorite arm chair or high back office chair. The remote control slips into a handy side pocket and has a fool proof display with simple icons that you can select for full back, upper back or lower back massage.

Comfier is Light and Portable
Comfier is Light and Portable

The Shiatsu massage has a more rotating feel that kneads focussed areas while the option heat massage penetrates back, shoulders and neck and for safety can only be used in tandem with a massage. Powerful vibration motors on either flank of the waist and 2 vibration motors in the seat provide a relaxed massage for hips and thighs. Durable and breathable material on the head cover makes the Comfier a durable though comfortable rest.

After about thirty minutes using this massager you can clearly the knots in your back and torso start to loosen and it really is a good way of relaxing the body and preparing you for a nap. The great bonus of this sofa cover massager is you can just sit back and let it do all the work.

Comfier Neck, Back Massager With Heat, Chair Massager Review
Comfier Neck, Back Massager With Heat, Chair Massager Review

Please note that if you have a medical problem please see a medical practitioner and the massager is seen as a way of providing comfort and relaxation and not as a cure for ailments.


  • Mobile to use over your favorite sofa or chair
  • Warm massage option
  • Shiatsu massage option
  • The back massager glows a pleasurable pink
  • Reaches the trapezius muscles just below the neck.
  • ready to use as soon as you open the box.


  • This massage chair cover is suitable for people under 250 pounds.

In Conclusion

The Comfier neck, back massager with heat neck, back massager is a robust and durable massage chair cover which allows for portability and is a good way to relax your body in the comfort of your own home, office or on vacation. At only 16.3 pounds its light weight enough for elderly users to move it to different areas of the home with ease.

A user friendly remote control allows you to single out different areas of the torso for Shiatsu, heat or rolling massage which is a likable feature. Of good looking blue, gray fabric the chair looks stylish while allowing key areas of fabric around the head and along the spine to be easily washed as no one likes a chair with a build up of dirt. In short the chair massage cover punches above its weight in both functional and price bracket. On the downside the Comfier is only available in one hue: if that’s a downside. It may be if your decor is a clashing color – for some people.

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