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Best Single Sofa Beds

  • February 23, 2022
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Best Single Sofa Beds

Are you in search of the best single sofa beds? If you have limited space and still have guests staying over often, the single sofa beds are a great option. These clever and convenient combinations of sofas and beds are excellent pieces of furniture for your apartment, house or office. The best single sofa beds will be well constructed, comfortable in sitting and lying positions and offer that famous axiom: value for money. Please note, the following are the ‘best’ within reason. They’re not laid with gold or gems, they’re readily available to you and me.

However extra nuances can make the difference such as brethable linnen, extra storage space and even a ‘WOW’ appeal. Recline and read until the end to see which single sofa beds say top quality and which ones whimper “I’m not worth it” – if any.

Single sofa beds are a great addition to living rooms, studies, just about any small space and can substitute for a recliner, Lazeboy and a day bed. However, if you need some sleeping space, ina small space these sofa beds are a clever option.

What Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing a Single Sofa Bed? 

Choosing the best single sofa bed is a daunting task. You need to consider different factors before making the purchasing decision.

Type: There are various types of single sofa beds available in the market. For instance, if you want to opt for a sofa that you can easily pull to transform into a bed, go for the pull-out styles. However, you can also choose the futon or fold-down styles.

Mattress: When it comes to mattresses, you have a galore of options at your disposal. If you want a mattress that fits your body while sleeping, you can opt for the memory foam mattress. But, you can also choose between pocket-sprung or open designs.

Color: Functionality is, without a doubt, an important aspect of a sleeper sofa but so is color. It is vital to choose a shade that uplifts the aesthetic beauty of the space. For that, you need to opt for the one that complements the color scheme of the room.

Material: It is essential to know the material that is used to manufacture the sofa. These include nylon, wool, blended fabric, cotton, rayon, microfiber, etc. If you have children and pets at home, opting for a material that lasts long is a beneficial decision.

Best Single Sofa Beds

Vonanda Sofa Bed

One of the best single sofa beds you will come across in this list is the Vonanda sofa bed. These are available in four different shades and are perfect for limited spaces. The multi-functionality and high-quality material make the sleeper sofa more appealing.

These sofa beds have top-grade PU leather at the top. The internal metal frame ensures that these sofa beds can support a massive weight of up to 550 lb. Moreover, the padding of the sofa is done by high-density foam, making the sitting and sleeping experience relaxing.

Vonanda Sofa Bed
Vonanda Sofa Bed

Due to the top-quality PU leather, the sofa is extremely soft and provides excellent wear resistance. Moreover, it is easy to install with five adjustable reclining angles. You can make the adjustments you want to get the best position.

The 4-in-1 multi-functionality of these sleeper sofas is stunning. You can use it as an ottoman or coffee table during the day. After that, you can change it into a sofa chair and lounger. The last position makes the sofa bed. This product is definitely worth the investment.

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Kescas Sofa Bed

If you are on the lookout for an affordable yet comfortable sofa bed, you can choose Kescas Sofa Bed. The brand has personalized the design of these sleeper sofas to meet your needs. These are present in different colors. You can opt for the one that suits the color theme of the space the best.

The Kescas Sofa Bed is composed of linen fabric, making the product extremely soft and breathable. Moreover, the sturdy metal frame coupled with a high-density sponge attributes to the high-level comfort of these sleeper beds.

Best Single Sofa Beds

These sleeper beds are easy to install and don’t take much effort. You can easily adjust them into five different positions at your convenience. That makes the product even more appealing.

The fabric of the sofa bed is resistant to water and stains. If you have little kids in your house, this might be the best option for you. Moreover, the attractive price makes the sofa bed the best choice ever!

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Vonanda Sofa Bed

Do you want to opt for a multi-functional sofa bed? In that case, opting for the modern 4-in-1 functionality Vonanda sofa bed is a perfect choice. The color options available are light gray and brown which should compliment almost any color scheme.

Vonanda Sofa Bed

These sofa beds are equipped with breathable linen fabric, making the sofa more comfortable. The sturdy metal frame ensures that it can support a heavyweight of up to 375 lbs with ease. Moreover, the internal high-density sponge aids in making the sofa soft and relaxing plus high-resilient sponges and serpentine springs ensure the bed won’t loose its shape with the rigors of time and wear. I like the tall black metal legs which offer space under the chair/bed giving more of a sense of space in small rooms. It too gives you an area to put your slippers.

The convertible design ensures that the sofa bed can be adjusted into four positions with ease. Pull, one lift, and one let go to shift between a chair and a bed – easy. Worried about assembly? Don’t be! These sleeper sofas are quickly assembled (hidden legs shipped inside the body of the furniture).

The high-quality fabric and the various positions make the sofa bed an excellent choice. Good storage is a novell idea and the more you look at the chair its almost retro looks grow on you. At an affordable price the Vonanda is a pocket marvel. For the best sleeping experience I suggest buying a twin mattress topper.

Things to Like

  • 180-day free trial and a 3-year promise
  • Installation instructions are included
  • This chair/bed can hold 500 pounds
  • Comfortable


  • Although its easy to assemble the instructions are sometimes incorrect

Saemoza Sofa Bed

Do you want to purchase an affordable sofa bed without compromising on the quality? In that case, opting for Saemoza Sofa Bed is the best idea. Greatfor living rooms, bedrooms or offices, these sofa beds are like your very own Lazeboy. Put your feet up on the foot rest and adjust the head rest to one of 5 angles. With 11 different color shades from light chocolate to dark brown there’s surely a hue ideal for your color scheme.

The Saemoza Sofa Bed is made from linen fabric, making it more soft and comfortable. The internal metal frame feels sturdy and strong. The sleeper sofa can surprisingly withstand a weight of up to 440 lbs and you won’t feel too tall for the Saemoza even if your 6 feet 2 . Moreover, the high-density sponge along with stereo lines aid in making the sofa bed softer for a guaranteed good night sleep.

The easy convertible design of the sleeper sofa usefuly means there is no need for assembly. You can easily adjust the backrest to 5 angles to get the desired head position and the two free pillows are comfy. The ottoman combination means the bd folds down to a diminuative size that saves space when not in use.

One of the most interesting additions is the side storage bag. You can now use it to keep magazines or newspapers. Without a doubt, this sofa bed is worth the price listed for sale.

Things to Like

  • Folds a way into a small ottoman
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Changes from ottoman to a chair to abed in seconds
  • 11 colors


  • er um

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Serweet Sofa Bed

The Serweet Sofa Bed is a 5-in-1 multi-functional sofa bed. At first glance its a striking yet mimimalist style sleeper sofa. Dark grey fabric looks stylish and I could see this being at home in an office or study. It does come also in maroon, bright yellow and dark brown.

These sofa beds are made from linen fabric, these sleeper sofas offer a great deal of comfort. Moreover, the memory foam and serpentine springs won’t allow the bed to become misshapen after lots of use which is good news. The thickened metal frames will assist in assuring the product will last for an extended period while enduring a weight of up to 550 lbs.

Available in Maroon, yellow, Black and Gray

The Serweet sofa bed doesn’t need any assembly. Moreover, these are easy to use and can be adjusted to different positions without much hassle. The sofa bed is easy to clean and maintain. It is also equipped with anti-slip feet.

The beneficial features of the sofa bed make it an excellent choice for house owners. It is one of the best value for money products that you can opt for.

Things to Like

  • A no-risk 30-day trial and 3-year warranty
  • No assembly acquired.
  • Tufting and stitching accents are attractive.


  • Firm feel which some may not like

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Leisuit Rollaway Guest Bed

Leisuit Rollaway Guest Bed is truly one of a kind. With more than 15 years of industry experience, the brand offers revolutionary products, meant to satisfy customer needs. This rollaway bed is available in the black shade and is one of the most popular products from the brand.

With a 3″ memory foam mattress, you get maximum comfort. Moreover, it is coupled with a wire mesh and wood slat for support. The high-quality Oxford cloth support makes the rollaway sofa bed even more comfortable.

The robust metal frame ensures that the sofa bed is durable and can withstand massive weight with ease. One of the most unique aspects is that it can be folded in half. That way, you can save more space and store it somewhere when you don’t need it.

These rollaway beds do not need to be assembled. You don’t need any tools to install them. All you have to do is unfold, and you can use them. If you want to have an area-saving sofa bed, opting for this budget-friendly option is a good idea.

More of a budget louncer cum bed the Leisuit is the most lightweight and portable on the list

Things to Like

  • Highly portable
  • Fold it away easily


  • The chair option is more of a lounger

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unhg Lounger Sofa 

The last product on this list of top single sofa beds is the unhg Lounger Sofa. It is a unique inflatable lounger sofa that serves a wide variety of purposes. Present in two different colors, the unhg Lounger Sofa is a great affordable choice.

This deck chair is made from top-quality flocking fabric that offers extreme comfort to the users. Moreover, it is equipped with the latest seam technology and is resistant to wear and tear. The ergonomic shape makes the lounger sofa even more relaxing and soft.

When it comes to assembly, the unhg Lounger Sofa offers the least hassle. You can simply let the air go, and the product will fold, saving space. If you want to go for an outdoor picnic and relax, go for this lounger sofa.

The product is integrated with an automatic manual pump. You need to pump it till the sofa stretches and inflates as per your needs. However, you need to make sure that you have a wall or backing as there is no back support. But, the wide chaise ensures that it will not rollover.

Things We Like

  • Ideal for camping
  • Blow up bed and chair for guests


  • Not as hardy as real furniture

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This is the end of the list of the best single sofa beds. If you are still not convinced about the need for these sleeper sofas, think about guest accommodation. You will eventually need to choose something to accommodate guests overnight stay. Here, these single sleeper sofas come to the rescue.

These sofa beds take up limited space and are available in different styles, sizes, materials, and colors. That way, you can make your choice from a wide variety of options with ease. If you appreciate multi head rest angles, no assembly, in short an easy life the fine Saemoza Sofa Bed could be for you.

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