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Evolution of The Massage Chair

  • April 16, 2022
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Evolution of The Massage Chair

The massage chair as we know it today is a fairly new invention thanks to the rise of electricity and electrical technology in the massage chair field. Mechanical chairs have infact only been around since the 1950’s. However, they have gone through many changes in that time. Looking down the ages the massage chair has morphed from leather straps soaked in olive oil to tech marvels controlled by phone APPs designed to pamper you through the use of AI.

Be seated and lie back as we cover the massage chair and its evolution over the years. Read until the end to discover the great hi-tech features of modern day massage chairs and discover any sore points or bumps in the road if any to the arrival of comfy massage chairs of today.

History of Massage Chairs

Ancient stone carvings have depicted the use of massage chairs from Egypt to Rome. In the early 1900s, hospitals started using stationary chairs to give patients a soothing massage. These chairs were not, though, massaging chairs as we know them today. They were simply oiled, padded upholstered chairs that provided some relief from pain.

What Was an Egyptian Massage Chair?

An earliest known massage chair was made of wood that was covered with a number of straps and pads used to apply pressure to the body. The original eeriest chairs were found in the tomb of King Seti I. They are believed to have been used for medical purposes as well as providing comfort during long trips. It is said that when you sat down, your weight would put pressure on certain parts of your body, which would cause you to relax. The idea is similar to how a chiropractor works today; however, there is no evidence to suggest that these ancient chairs were ever used for chiropractic purposes.

Massage chairs like these were once seen only in ancient Egypt, but nowadays they can be found all over the globe. In fact, most massages are given using mechanical types of chairs and it has been estimated that there are more than 500 different kinds of massage chairs currently in use throughout the world.

In 1924, Herman Miller designed an automatic chair massager that would be used in offices. In 1927, Otto Kolschowsky introduced modern design concepts into office furniture with his automatic hydraulic actuator system that controlled movement during massages. In 1933, after studying Oriental healing methods, William Browning invented an automatic hydraulic mechanism that moves during massages using air pressure and weights.

In 1964, Robert Gjerset invented a motorized machine called the “Gjerset reflexology machine” that uses air pressure during massages to help relieve stress and tension along with muscle fatigue. More steps wre made toward the modern massage chair we know when in 1984, Peter Willcocks invented a new type of machine called the “Willcocks reflexology machine”.

Modern Mechanical Massage Chairs

Robotic massage chairs use a combination of robotic motion and massage style to provide a great alternative to traditional massage. These chairs are just like high-end massage chairs, but they offer the benefits of being able to customize your experience. With customizable settings you can adjust the pressure, change the speed, and even program your chair to remember your favorite setting. Nowadays you even get massage chair covers that you can slip over your favorite sofa or high chair.

Robotic massage chairs also offer other benefits such as easier accessibility and convenience. There are no awkward appointments or long waits between sessions. You can easily schedule a session from your phone or computer at any time that’s convenient for you. And if you’re too busy for a full session, there are shorter options including 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

Numerous studies have shown how beneficial robotic massaging is for both mental and physical health, so it’s no wonder why these chairs are becoming increasingly popular.

This type of chair uses high-tech motors, sensors, and built-in heaters to do things like adjust the pressure on your back or roll out your feet for a relaxing foot massage.

The benefits of this type of chair are many:

  • Massage chairs offers someone else the chance to help relieve your stress
  • Massage chairs give you a full body massage without having to leave your living room
  • They help increase flexibility in joints
  • Massage chairs reduce tension in muscles
  • They relieve pain and stress more quickly than traditional methods

How To Choose The Right Robotic Massage Chair For You

With a variety of options available, it can be difficult to choose the right massage chair. There are some things to keep in mind when you’re shopping.

  1. The size of the chair matters. If you have more space than you know what to do with, a large massage chair is a good choice. If your room is small, consider a smaller model that will fit with your space.
  2. Price is also an important factor to consider when choosing a massage chair. The price should be commensurate with its quality and features.
  3. Make sure the chair has all of the necessary safety features such as anti-tip bars and slip resistant pedals.
  4. Consider the amount of time that you’ll spend using the massager on an average day; if it will mostly be used for relaxation purposes only once or twice a week, then an inexpensive option might work well for you. But if it will get regular use from you and your family, then spending more money on a quality product will give you more benefits than less expensive models could provide
  5. If you are looking for something that has special features like music playback or heating pads, then make sure those features come standard on the massage chair.

Japan Became the Largest Consumer of Massage Chairs

In the West, the world’s attention is currently focused on the fitness industry’s dominance over lifestyle solutions, but Japan is ahead of the curve. The Land of the Rising Sun is the world’s largest consumer of massaging chairs, with over 4.8 million sold in the country since their introduction in 1996. How did Japan become the largest consumer of massage chairs? Experts believe it has something to do with the country’s traditional culture of rubbing the body to relieve tension.

How Robotic Massage Chairs Are Different From Traditional Massage

Traditional massage is a healing modality that helps to release tension and discomfort in your muscles and joints. There are many different types of massage, but the most common types are Swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu, and reflexology.

A robotic massage chair is an example of a traditional massager that offers benefits of traditional massaging without the physical aspects. It’s also one of the ways that you can customize your massage experience by selecting certain features like temperature and intensity. The specific features you choose will depend on what you want out of your massage experience. For example, you could select light touch for relaxation or maximum pressure for pain relief.

Robotic massage chairs work by using artificial intelligence (AI) to provide similar therapeutic benefits as traditional massages. They don’t use oils or other items that may be harmful to your skin like some other traditional massagers do. There is also no risk of infection because it’s done entirely by machine.

Which is Better: 3D or 4D?

The basic difference between the two is that a 3D massage chair offers one-directional massage while a 4D massage chair offers four-directional massage. A 3D chair typically uses airbags to compress your body, whereas a 4D chair will use rollers, which are much more gentle on your skin.

It’s also important to note that the technology used in these chairs differs greatly. For example, some of the 3D chairs work mainly with air compressor technology while others may use a mix of both. In contrast, many of the 4D chairs use an electromagnetic system that utilizes electromagnets instead of traditional motors and belts.

To decide which model is best for you, you should consider what kind of treatment you want and how often you need it.

If your needs are simple and one-directional, then go for a 3D massage chair that uses airbag technology and delivers deep compression every single time.

If your needs are more complex or if you want something that can give you different types of treatments on a daily basis, then go for a 4D chair with magnetic technology that works in all directions rather than just one direction at a time like most 3D models do.

Features to Look for in a 3D and 4D Massage Chair

Some of the most important features to look for in a 3D and 4D massage chair are the height, width, and thickness. The height, width, and thickness of the chair will determine how deep and targeted the massage will be. So, when you’re shopping around for a new chair, take a look at its dimensions.

Additionally, make sure that your chair has adjustable rollers which allow you to change the angle of your massage. It’s important to be able to adjust these rollers because being able to customize your massage gives you more options for what feels good for you.

Another feature to consider is a timer on your massage chair so that it turns off automatically after 30 or 60 minutes.

Massage Chair L-Track Technology – What It Is and How it Can Change Your Life

L-Track Technology is the key to unlocking the benefits of the massage chair. What is L-Track Technology? Roller tracks follow the curve of the spine, moving up and down from the nape of the neck to the lower back, simulating the feeling of a massage.

Massage Chair L-Track Technology
Massage Chair L-Track Technology

The track can move in any direction. It can also pivot and rotate to simulate the feel of a massage. The massage chair uses this same concept to manipulate the user’s body in different positions.

This technology provides you with many benefits like:

• Increased flexibility

• Massage therapies

• Relaxing and calming sensations

• Better muscle recovery

Relief from Stress

The L-track is not the only thing that helps massage chair users relax. Many people report feeling a sense of relief after using the chair thanks to soft contours that are designed to cocoon the body. Soft music from built in speakers help. It’s as if they had stepped out of their daily stress and anxiety. In fact, many people use massage chairs as a supplement to other relaxation methods such as drinking tea and smelling incense.

Some people even say that the chair can help them achieve a more stress-free life. This may be due to the fact that L-track Technology can recreate the feeling of an actual hand to body massage.

Reduces Back and Shoulder Pain

Massage chairs are known to reduce back and shoulder pain in some people. By using the L-track technology, you can change your body in different positions to minimize stress on your body.

Other benefits of the massage chair, experts say, is that it can help with muscle tension, encourage digestion, and release endorphins into the body for a natural high. Evolution of the massage chair continues apace. 3D technology in the latest massage chairs even read the length of your spine to snuggly deliver a bespoke massage experience. Nowadays many massage chairs come with blue tooth speakers that can connect to your mobile device, emenating gentle tunes for ulimate relaxation. Smart phone APPs can control every feature on the latest massage chairs from vibrations to music.

Evolution of the massage chair
Evolution of the massage chair


Massage chairs have come a long way in the past few years. They’re no longer just for the elderly and disabled – they’re accessible to everyone who wants to relax and destress. From a simple massage, to a full-fledged spa experience, these chairs offer a variety of customization options to ensure you get the highest-quality massage experience possible.

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